"forty days" - The Quarantine

Mark Twain pointed out that history doesn't repeat itself, but often rhymes.

The pandemic that put the world on lock down is, for most of us, new territory, though pandemics have ravaged humankind before. The Black Death, or bubonic plague, haunted Europe for centuries.

Quarantines become a technique to control the spread. The word "quarantine" derives from the Italian word quaranta or forty, which became the mandatory waiting period for ships returning from plague-hit areas.

While I've sat at home in my own shelter in place, I made this piece as a nod to the humans who made this same wait many years ago. The ship is based on Venetian caravels that made long journeys in the 15- and 1600s.

For each sale of this print, I will donate 25% to Partners in Health, which brings medical care to impoverished areas. Each print will include a receipt of the donation made. 

Signed by the artist. Sized to 11" x 14." Printed on natural tone, heavyweight (285 gsm) 100% cotton archival paper.