Home on Sesame Street

$ 79.00

Signed & numbered, limited (50) giclée ed.
Bright white/Smooth/Acid-free/Edition Rag Paper 
Dimensions: 11" x 14"
Shipped flat with care between two backing boards, in a cellophane sleeve, placed in a hard document mailer.

    I never knew it as a little kid watching "Sesame Street," but the home at 123 Sesame Street is based on the gorgeous Italianate mid-1800's brownstones that pepper New York City neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

    I also never knew that Elmo lived alone on the first floor. The human family lived above him, and Bert and Ernie lived together in the garden unit.

    Oscar lived in the can out front. Sometimes the can was right in front of the home, to the left, and sometimes it was out to the right. 

    Big Bird lived in a nest in the enclosed courtyard to the right of the home.

    This piece started as a commission for someone who loved "Sesame Street" and who was deeply touched by beautiful notes of city living expressed in the show. It was a place where one walked to the corner store and lived by people [and puppets] of all colors and stripes.

    For this print edition, the house is in repose. It's dusk. It's Sesame Street at rest. They've stopped entertaining us, they've retreated into their lives to deal with other matters. Making dinner, catching up on bills, reflecting on the day.