Rowhouses of New York City: Limited ed. screenprint

$ 49.00

Dimensions: 36" x 12" | A signed, limited edition of 200 prints on French 100# Sweet Tooth paper stock, screen printed by Delicious Design League.

The rowhouse reigns on New York City streets. The pre-war elegance, the iconic brownstones, high stoops defined blocks for generations. And we love them.

We're happy to release this updated collaboration of Wonder City Studio and NYC history devotee Keith York City: Rowhouses of New York City. Here we celebrate the major styles of NYC rowhouses through the years, in chronological order, from Federal to Beaux Art.

Essential for any lover, dweller of NYC rowhouses, or even just the NYC aficionado who wants to walk down city streets and know their houses and impress their friends.

Styles depicted on the print:
Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Anglo-Italianate, Gothic Revival, Second Empire, Neo-Grec, Queen Anne, Romanesque Revival, Colonial Revival, Renaissance Revival, Beaux Arts. 

FAQ: Where's the brownstone? What's a brownstone?

"Brownstone" is often used as a catchall term for NYC rowhouse but traditionally refers to rowhouses whose facades are made of a specific brown-colored sandstone. The brownstone is perhaps most closely linked with (but not exclusive to) the Italianate style.

NOTE: As of Sep 2,  the original drawing of this piece is available for purchase. Contact me here to get more details.

Credit to Phil's awesome brother/photographer/long-time NYC dweller Dave Thompson for scouting and photographing houses and to NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission and Charles Lockwood Bricks and Brownstone, for research--essential reading for anyone who wants to learn much more beyond this artwork! 

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Juan G.
Gorgeous art and great conversation

Gorgeous art and great conversation piece