World Map in Ink

$ 45.00

Dimensions: 18" x 12" or 36" x 12"

This map, created originally by hand in pen and ink, shows the diverse contours of the world's continents, as well as the major cities that surround the globe.

This map blurs political borders and makes the cities and earth's nature the defining features. The ocean also becomes a leading player. The rise and fall of the waves provides continuity, a major element that washes up to and around the lands.

I made this map for those of us who are in love with old (old) maps--not just the love and attention that the mapmakers used to give to the cities and coastlines, but to the curiosity inspired by the spaces between. It's gives you room to wonder and dream.

Available in two sizes, printed on museum-quality paper with a matte finish. Shipped in a durable, hard mailing tube to any place in the world.