Here's a selection of some of the pen and ink portraits I've done in recent years. Many of them are in Chicago/the Chicagoland area.

What I love is looking back on the homes and remembering some of the personal or specific building details requested: a cat in the window, a potted plant, a brick detail. For many, it would be the portrait a home that they were leaving behind, so the details that made the home *theirs* became especially important, but bittersweet.

I'll get around to updating this with other home/building portraits in my collection periodically.

chicago bungalow with awninglogan square home
two flat beverly tudorcottage oak park foursquare architecturespanish tile roof drawing
arts and crafts bungalowtwo flat and three flat six flat renderingtwo flat chicago drawingtudor apartmentscourtyard apartment buildinglincoln park greystonechicago cubs homelogan square home victorian home drawingdutch colonial home evanston
modern townhome drawingbucktown homechicago two flat drawing
bungalow drawingsix flat buildingitalianate two flatbungalow illustrationchicago two flat modern chicago bungalowandersonville greystone
evanston home drawingcraftsman bungalow chicago suburbs drawinglincoln park home rendering
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chicago back stairs drawingchicago two flat
chicago storefrontvictorian homechicago commercial building drawingchicago fire escape drawingchicago bungalow drawingchicago turret corner buildingchicago cottagechicago cottagechicago three flatchicago home drawingchicago cottagechicago two flat drawing

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