Chicago Wall Art

Let's say you have a wall. It's a blank wall. Art calls out to fill the space. Problem is, art needs its moment. The right piece needs the right space at the right moment. It's the improbable scene of three meteors crossing.

For anyone looking for artwork in Chicago, a few places might come mind. You can check out a local art gallery. This city has dozens of great galleries, both around River North and dotting the neighborhoods in the city's expanse. There are shops attached to cultural institutions like the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Art Institute. And there are the many shows that occur throughout the year: Art Chicago, SOFA, summer festivals, craft fairs, pop-up shops, and more. This city is bursting with venues.

Or you might be here at this online shop because you've seen my work somewhere out in the world. If so, nice to see you again. If you've stumbled here, welcome. I've got work for anyone who loves this city, in particular its urban terrain and its rich history, its architecture--and for anyone who has space on the wall for artwork.

Everything starts for me in pen and ink. I'm mesmerized by the architecture of the neighborhoods and there's nothing more satisfying than putting it together into artwork that says something, that informs. 

Look around the site. If you want Chicago prints, start here with the product collection, Chicago-themed prints. If you're looking for my series of illustrated marathon maps, check out the product collection with all nine of my marathon course maps. If you want any kind of custom work (especially home portraits), you can go here to look at information on individual home drawing commissions or here for drawings of businesses. Or if just want to start at the beginning, head back to my home page. Thanks for checking out this lonely outpost of the web.