Chicago's Best Forbidden Rooms Awards

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Spotlighting the funkiest nooks in Chicago homes that no one ever sees.

The winners in each category get a $100 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice.

Here's how it works:

1. Post a photo or two of a crazy-ass room that fits in one of the three categories below. Deadline: October 31.

2. We'll approve it to show up here. Check back and find out what's made the cut.

3. We'll judge the winners and announce them by Dec 1.

Categories for Judging!

Chicago's Top Crapper

Have a special space that you go to do your best thinking? Get away from the family for a while? Get your Wordle in? Share your favorite or scariest or coolest spots for numbers 1 and 2.

Chicago's Top Basement

Enjoy a space where three generations of Chicagoans drank tiki cocktails and got laid with reckless abandon? Share your most amazing/striking basement.

Best Room to Hide a Body

Lots of Chicagoans live in old homes and buildings with their share of weird old passageways to nowhere. Share your craziest/weirdest room.


Are you looking for polished/nice rooms?

No. This contest is the opposite of that. We're looking for the most INTERESTING places. We love odd, vintage, surprising.

What if I'm embarrassed to share my room?

We can make your submission anonymous. But we'll leave it to you to leave out identifying details in your photos.