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Our illustrated e-mail tour will help you master Chicago's classic homes. 

street of different styles of chicago homes

We'll send you one chapter a week for six weeks, each one with descriptions and illustrations of a variety of types and styles, told in a generational story arc of a Chicago family.

Schedule of Weekly Releases:

Chapter 1: A Chicago Story in Homes

Chapter 2: A Cottage for the Workers.

Chapter 3: Shades of Grey(stone)-esque.

Chapter 4: The Victorian Reign.

Chapter 5: Two-flat, Three-flat, Six-flat, More.

Chapter 6: Life in the Belt: Bungalow Country.

Here's what people had to say:

Really great and enjoyable!...informative, not too complicated/detailed and therefore a good, brief introduction to the different styles, with beautiful illustrations that support the story.  -Arjan J
It's excellent! I particularly like the tips on what to look for to identify certain styles out in the wild, and the explanation of the historical influences on the styles.  -Lauren B
I'm loving this so much! I'm out of town for college right now, so this is giving me just the right amount of homesickness.  -Laura V


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