panorama drawing of 5 chi homesOur free, six-week e-mail guide is perfect for the Chicago architecture aficionado.

We'll send you one chapter every Sunday evening for six weeks, each one with descriptions and illustrations of the classic Chicago home types and style.

Next tour starts this Sunday at 8PM. 

Here's what we cover:

Chapter 1
A Chicago Story in Homes

Chapter 2
A Cottage for the Workers

Chapter 3
Shades of Grey(stone)-esque

Chapter 4
The Victorian Reign

Chapter 5
Two-flat, Three-flat, Six-flat, More

Chapter 6
Life in the Belt: Bungalow Country

Here's what people had to say:

"This email series is SO incredibly good. It unlocks the answers to a million questions I’ve had driving around Chicago. I can’t really explain it, but the effect is profound."
"Really great and enjoyable!...Informative, not too complicated/detailed and therefore a good, brief introduction to the different styles, with beautiful illustrations that support the story." 
 "I loved loved loved this! Tons of fun to read, great formatting, enjoyed the illustrations, and I liked following the family’s narrative." 
"Engaging and easy to follow. Great reference photos/drawings as well! All this background context will certainly make our neighborhood walks/explorations richer as we notice small details in the houses we walk past. We even forwarded this series along to relatives/friends." 
"It's excellent! I particularly like the tips on what to look for to identify certain styles out in the wild, and the explanation of the historical influences on the styles." 
"I'm loving this so much! I'm out of town, so this is giving me just the right amount of homesickness." 
 "Love your descriptions and clarity, and the depth of research and passion is obvious."

Here's who we are:

Wonder City Studio creates artwork that honors the architecture and history of places worth preserving, with a special love for Chicago. We help our clients honor cherished homes, buildings, neighborhoods, cities; and we partner with organizations with similar missions. More.