We've got a few items to share: new products for sale, new retailers, and, if you read to the end, a few top recommendations.
Seems like everyone this summer is travelling or seizing the day in some way, making up for lost time. For our part, we took a few cross-country trips that took us through some lovely historic districts in Louisville, St Louis, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Staunton VA. 
Back in Chicago we continue to be driven to capture our own city's homes in clay and ink. (Pictured above, a few of Katie's commissions).
We've also released a new line of bud vases based on classic homes on our online shop.
A handcrafted ceramic vase shaped as a Chicago two-flat containing a pink and violet flower bouquet.
Some other updates: 
  • The Chicago Architecture Center Design Store (111 E Wacker) has started carrying our prints! They've had our drawings of home styles on display, but we're thrilled that visitors to the center can purchase our work there. Our retailer network continues to grow.
  • In terms of shows--we look forward to having a booth at Renegade on Division on Sept 9-10 and would love to see you there. We have a few others in the Fall still in the works…
  • New print! Love Lincoln Square as much as we do (especially when it comes to the small businesses and people-watching)? Here's a new print, a celebration of the neighborhood's fixtures and timeless stores. Big credit to our awesome studio assistant Allan Morton for taking the lead on this one.

An illustrated pint depicting various popular store-fronts and historic buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Finally, we were happy with the response to adding recommendations at the end of the newsletter, so here are four new ones: 
  1. Last Chance U - This is a five-season Netflix doc series covering athletes at the junior college level. It's so beautifully made, weaving personal stories with the drama of sports. A lot of people know “Cheer" by the same director, but too few know this one.
  2. Heavyweight - This is an amazingly well-crafted podcast series in which the host talks to ordinary people who are haunted by major, unresolved questions in their life ("Why did Moby steal my record and never apologize?")--and then resolves them.
  3. Hermanos Gutierrez - The smoothest guitar duet music you'll ever hear, instrumental music that perfect for working or just relaxing and staring into space. Definitely our top band on rotation now.
  4. Shadow Divers - If you've got a healthy fear of the ocean and deep-sea diving, plus a fascination with WWII U-Boats, this is for you: a book about amateur divers making a staggering discovery of a sunken U-Boat just off the coast of New Jersey.

An illustration of a gray Chicago two-flat

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Thanks, as always, for following along,
Phil & Katie