Chicago Lakefront Maps: The Kickstarter!

I'm happy to announce a Kickstarter to create print editions of two new illustrated map editions. These maps are two distinct, illustrated bird's eye views / panoramas that celebrate Chicago's...

123 Sesame Street

Illustration of 123 Sesame Street at dusk. THE house of Sesame Street. There's a lot I'm learning. Bert and Ernie live in the garden unit. Elmo lives alone on the...

Private video: Time lapse test

February 03, 2018 — Phil Thompson

"Chicago to Chicagoans." My Tribute to Saul Steinberg's Famous New Yorker cover

The Iconic Chicago Hot Dog Stand

The Iconic Chicago Hot Dog Stand

I made this little illustration of one of the little wonders of the city: The iconic Chicago hot dog stand. Love these spots. Here's my piece. And below the drawing,...

Art in "The Big Sick"

If you've got an eagle eye you might have seen my work in a few places on screen.One that I was happy about was getting an art appearance "The Big...

Process: From brick and mortar to pen and ink

This is a bungalow in Mayfair, a neighborhood bordering Albany Park and rich in bungalows. I thought this home was cool because of its Spanish tile roof and dormers. I...

New Relief Prints: Memento Mori series

Here are a few relief prints--made via linocut--that I want to share. This is based on the "Memento Mori" concept that dates to the Roman Empire. Memento Mori means "Remember...
May 31, 2017 — Phillip Thompson

Tribute to Shel Silverstein

I've always loved Shel Silverstein's work. When I learned he grew up and lived in Chicago, I started reading more about him and thought it would be fun to put...
May 09, 2017 — Phillip Thompson

Homes of Famous Chicagoans

>>Click here for a much larger version of this. 
May 08, 2017 — Phillip Thompson

A Year of Homes: 2016

Here's a look back at a selection of the homes and buildings I drew this past year. It was a great year. Wishing you all the success and happiness you...
January 01, 2017 — Phillip Thompson

Locking in: The Creation of the 7 Locks Brewing logo

Some friends of ours, Keith and Laura, opened a brewery in Rockville, Maryland, called 7 Locks Brewing. It's a great spot, great beers, highly recommended--check it out if and when you're in the area. 

Last year, the 7 Locks crew decided to give their original logo (below) a re-design ahead of some new beer releases. 

Keith approached me to take on the task, which I gladly accepted. I shipped them the final logo just before this past Thanksgiving. 

I was happy with the outcome and the development process. In this post I wanted to share that process, showing the stages from concept to finished logo, with the sketches along the way and my thoughts and reflections on each.

January 01, 2017 — Phillip Thompson